Dcmg Laboratories

DCMG ™ Laboratories  design, develop and market specialized food supplements. Monitoring of key research in our areas of reference allows us to offer specific, reliable nutritional supplements.


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Expertise and quality



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100 % French

Conception, product design, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and administration: DCMG™ Laboratory activities are 100% French. A strategic guarantee of quality control and support of the national economy.

Guarantee of Quality

All DCMG ™ laboratory products are manufactured in France in accordance with the HACCP method following the European Directive 93/43CEE.

Our products are subject to supervision and quality controls appropriate to the manufacture of food supplements in the EU. All our ingredients are recognized in France as suitable for use in the manufacture of food supplements.

International Renown

The quality and expertise of DCMG ™ Laboratories is recognized in Europe and throughout the world. Our products are present in more than 50 countries including: Algeria, Argentina, Chad,  Chile, the Ivory Coast, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Japan, Macedonia, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Venezuela, etc.