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4 conditions for pregnancy to occur

  • A quality ovum must mature and be expelled by an ovarian follicle
  • Sperm in sufficient quantity and quality must reach the woman's fallopian tubes.
  • Sperm must fertilize the ovum.
  • The fertilized ovum must fix itself firmly in the endometrium and begin to grow.
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FERTIMAX 2 ™, new formula

The Fertimax formula has evolved to bring you an optimum combination of antioxidants and micronutrients. FERTIMAX 2 reinforces sperm performance (number, mobility, DNA fragmentation).
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is a food supplement that has been specifically developped to cover the nutritional needs of women planning to have a child. Due to its optimal combination of specific nutriments, OOCYTE+ improves the quality of oocytes.
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The oocyte can only be fertilised once a month in the middle of the female cycle.

This is known as the period of ovulation and corresponds to the moment when an ovum comes out of the woman's ovary. After its release from the ovary, the ovum will only live for 24 hours. The quality of the sperm is a crucial factor in this process.
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The DNA fragmentation test

7 key tips for a natural pregnancy

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